the black death

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Some people like to make these URLs links, but if you’re too fucking lazy to type it in your address bar, I’m allowed to be too fucking lazy to make links for you.

No particular order:


earthgirldonna , thewelshbitch , chevalier-de-seingalt , timelordcurse , thecrisisoflaw , thewandofrassilon , undecimus , bartyjoonyah , thatsdemocracyforyou , askthedifferentdoctors , tthe-masterr , elmstreetxnightmare , darckcarnival , mishafer , tennantsbluebox , ashley-butt , reinettemadamedepompadour


If I missed you, I’m sorry. :l This list seems short; it wouldn’t be if I had added several blogs run by one person, but mEH. Plus, I only follow like 187 blogs.